Order My Steps (Lone Star Tour Follow-up)

 The Lord “ordered our steps” on our Lone Tour and took us to some amazing places and allowed us to meet some special people along the way. Our mission offerings were strong and our concerts raised several thousands of dollars for local and world missions. The biggest takeaway for me is always the old relationships rekindled and the new ones built through the experience.

WHERE DID WE GO? San Marcos, San Antonio, Lubbock, Plainview and Abilene

WHAT MISSION WORK DID WE DO? We sang, organized a food pantry, hoed sweet potatoes, painted a homeless shelter, ministered to senior adults and assisted living residents, handed out beautiful purses full of sundries to the needy, prayed and hugged on as many people as we could and we ATE!

WHAT DID WE SING? Our repertoire was vast this year spanning across spirituals, gospel, inspirational songs, hymn arrangements and even a blessing that we sang at our meals.

WHO WERE ARE DIRECTORS? We had eight wonderful choral directors present on this tour: Megan Smallwood, Lisa Gentry, Glynna Penney, Glenna Applewhite, Kay Payton, Lela Harris, Sharon Rainwater and Bari Brumfield. We also had instrumentalists, bus captains, tour guides, administrators and more. We were well-organized and cared for by Celebration Concert Tours (Phil and Sheri Barfoot) and our Texas Baptists state music liaisons (Karen Witcher and Tom Tillman).

HOW LONG WAS THE TOUR? We met for 2 days for rehearsals and sang that evening at FBC San Marcos. Then, we traveled another 6 days across Texas. The Texas Baptists (BGCT) sponsored the tour and Celebration Concert Tours executed the travel plans and most of the meals. It was a great trip.

HOW DID WE SPEND OUR FREE TIME? We raided the San Marcos outlet malls, ransacked Bucee’s, stormed the Alamo, traversed the Riverwalk, shopped here and there, laughed and played a joke or two (or at least I did).

WHAT DID WE DO FOR BIBLE STUDY? Our wonderful chaplains (headed by Delma Talley) prepared wonderful morning and afternoon devotionals for us to prepare our daily journey into the mission field. Prayer time was a priority each and every day.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN US? Visit singingwomen.com for more information about our chapters across the state of Texas. Singing Women of Texas is open to all ages of women and usually involves a short audition and generally a note of referral from a church minister. Contact us through the website for more information.

Lastly, I will share with you a poem I wrote using the titles of our tour songs anticipating this trip.

Here’s a  little Psalm I wrote for my dear Singing Women of TexasSisters:
I Sing Because I’m Happy and I sing because I’m free,
His Love is Like a River and it washes over me.
My Joy is Overflowing that we’re leaving on our tour,
The Lord is Ordering our Steps, of that we can be sure.
I pray we show How Great Thou Art, proclaim it all around
That You are Lord of all the Small, Your love and grace abounds.
Even in the best of times, I have my share of doubt,
I know You’ve Never Failed Me Yet, You always bring me out.
Every day I Will Arise and count my many Blessings
Trials might be mercies in disguise, of that, I’ll keep professing.
Yes, My Jesus Loves Me and I’ll sing it loud and clear
I know that Soon and Very Soon the victory is near.
Elijah Rock, y’all!

5 thoughts on “Order My Steps (Lone Star Tour Follow-up)”

  1. You are such a poet and I didn’t know it!! Seriously, it is evident that God was with you all in this endeavor!! So grateful for the blessings you brought to so many people in the name of Jesus.
    And grateful for His favor upon you all as you traveled. Keep singing.

  2. What a great review of our Lone Star Tour! It was a wonderful mix of worship, service and fellowship. Great poem, Bari! Will this be an annual composition of our songs?? Love it!

  3. My first tour with The Singing Women of Texas and certainly not my last!! Meeting new friends, getting to know my sisters in Christ and the mission field was awesome!!!

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